Basically just by turning up you are going to have an epic experience but here’s our top tips to make it even more awesome!

1. Try to avoid a heavy meal right before a sauna. A light snack is ok or even better come on an empty stomach and eat afterwards, especially if you plan to be swimming.

2. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna to stay hydrated.

3. Take regular breaks. Take a dip in the fjord or just sit outside and do some Henry spotting. (Henry Jones is our resident gull. You can’t miss him.)

4. Bring or rent a towel to dry yourself afterwards. Some people also like to have a towel to sit on – whatever makes you the most comfortable.

5. Try pouring water over the stones to add steam and increase the humidity. But remember your sauna etiquette – always be considerate of others in the sauna and ask before doing so.

6. Speaking of sauna etiquette, Norwegians (and all Scandinavians for that matter) like their saunas really hot so please be sure to close the door behind you when you are coming in and out of the sauna.

7. Feel free to bring your own essential oils to mix with the water. The ultimate in aromatherapy, you are basically sitting in the middle of a giant diffuser and there is simply nothing more divine.

8. Push yourself! OK that sounds weird in a sauna designed for relaxing but water is one of nature’s playgrounds and maybe you have never tried ice bathing, jumped into a fjord, done a triple backflip somersault of a roof… well now is your chance to try! Just remember to tag us in the photos 😉

9. And, last but not least, spend some time just relaxing. Try some meditation, stretching, Wim Hof breathing exercises or just chewing the fat with other sauna visitors.

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