Every day it is very important I believe to begin it in the right way. Every person has their own way that makes them feel the best and get the most out of their day. In todays blog, I’m going to go through a solid morning routine that I have been using to help me start the day right. If you think that some of my methods are great, then you should test and try them out in your own way.

Some of the things that I will cover today include:

  1. Make my bed
  2. Intensive exercises
  3. Breathing exercises
  4. Meditation
  5. Sauna
  6. Reading

I just want to highlight that this is my thoughts and experiences. I’m not saying that you should apply these on a regular basis. But more the fact that these methods have helped me kick start my day the right way.

Make my bed

This seems like the easiest thing to do or thing that would most likely not mean anything. But I once watched a video, which I will link below. The reason why it is very important to make your bed as the first thing you do in the morning.

A simple task like making your bed, is the first stepping stone to building a strong start to the morning. Not only do you have a perfectly made bed to come home to. But through making my bed, it builds a habit and allows me to gain more momentum to begin the day.

Intensive exercises

I don’t know too many people who say they love getting up in the morning and beginning the day with exercise. However after reading a book called ‘The 5am club’, I came across some of the methods and tactics world class leaders and figures do to start their mornings.

In the book, it outlined that a great way to start the morning is to try following a method called the 20/20/20 formula. I also believe it really can help kickstart your day.

Basically the 20/20/20 formula follows the theory of starting your morning with 20 minutes of intense exercise, 20 minutes of reflecting and 20 minutes of personal growth. This 20 minute block split into 3 parts is a perfect hour to help improve ones wellbeing.

So when I wake up, one of the first things I do is some intense exercise. It could be doing the likes of interval training with no breaks. This includes things like: push-ups, burpees, leg squats and sit-ups all in intervals.

The main reason why people don’t do training in the morning is due to distractions or excuses. So I try to have all my gear ready in the morning to train. The reason been is due to the fact I don’t have to make the excuse when I’m in bed, of having to get up and get my gear prepared.

The book also outlines to try and reduce the number of times you have to contemplate and just get up and go. Or counting to 3 and getting up is also a great way.

After intense training I feel much better and clearer in my head. It helps build upon my day, and I feel like I have more momentum for the day to come. Intense training is a great morning routine and the reasons above are why I incorporate it.

Breathing exercises

Another thing I like to incorporate into my morning routine is breathing exercises. Through breathing exercises it allows me to help improve my overall health by reducing stress and improving my immune system. I think due to times like these that it is very important to consider ones personal wellbeing and immune system.

I normally coordinate the Wim Hof breathing technique into my morning routine and into the 20/20/20 formula. The second part of the 1 hour 20/20/20 formula that is.

I found out about Wim Hoff in an interesting online video, where he basically scaled a mountain in sub degree temperatures in board shorts. So I thought I got to learn more about this guy. The video is below.

I utilise his app from my phone to follow his breathing techniques. It’s very simple and all guided by Wim Hoff himself. You have a few areas you can work on, and there are a few in app purchases. But I stick to only the free content the app offers.

Wim Hoff app outlook.

Overall this method is a great way to start my day, as I feel more clearer and focused to begin my day. This is the reason why I incorporate it into my morning routine.


Another morning routine I like to incorporate into my day is meditation. I know this practice is not for everyone. But it is worth trying at least. In my personal experience, I feel a sensation of relaxation and less stressed afterwards.

Its also a part of the 20/20/20 formula I like to use each morning and the final part of the hour. I use this last part of my hour to reflect and work on my personal self.

In today’s society I believe so many people are over stressed or put too much pressure on their day to day lives. So it’s important to take measures to ensure ones health is working at its best. I believe that this works for me and is why I use it in my day to day practice.

Originally when I began with meditation, I had no clue how to start or what to even do. I googled some info about it and what was the best way to start. I came across the app called ‘Headspace‘, based off some research. It seemed like a very easy use app and also had a lot of good reviews in the app store.

Headspace app layout

So when I started, it introduced me to meditation and also ensured me that it’s ok to feel a bit strange in the beginning. The app explained in the first stages that your mind will tend to wander a lot, but thats apart of the process.

I followed on with the app and did its free basic course. It was a 20 step course and went through the basics of guided meditation. After the 20 days you can still use other free features but the course then turns into a paid app for the most part.

I highly recommend trying this app to start with your meditation or even continuation. I’ll provide a link here, and you then have an option if you want to use it 🙂

Since then I try to incorporate meditation a few mornings each week into my morning routine and final hour of the 20/20/20 formula. If I don’t meditate then I would most likely journal or do my next routine which is the sauna sessions.


Every week I try to incorporate at least 3 sessions of sauna, and utilise hot and cold therapy. I always go to Greenboats obviously since I work here. Whilst using the saunas, I infuse the water with some scented oils. My go to choice is the eucalyptus or may chang. Sometimes I’m a bit naughty and go with both.

The reason why I like to utilise saunas is for the health benefits obviously, with areas such as: detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, and pain reduction. Also after my sauna experiences, I feel very relaxed and more calmer into my day.

When using the sauna, I want to have the temperature around 80-100 degrees celcius. Also I like to incorporate only nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing. If I work on this, then I can train my nasal to breathe in more oxygen on a regular basis without the sauna.

May chang infused water ready to be steamed.

So my sauna process normally involves a 3 step, in and out of the sauna. First round will be 15 minute sweatathon, then straight after, I hoop into the water. In the summer, I like to spend a bit of time in the water.

However, in Winter that is a different story. I try to be in the water maximum 2 minutes, if I can last that long 😂. After round 1, its basically repeating the process 2 more times. Also to add, I will also increase the temperature each time.

If you want to lean more about our saunas and availability, we offer drop ins and you can also book here for privates.


Only last year did I start getting into reading books. I found a book called ‘The subtle art of not giving a f***‘, after reading this book it opened up my enjoyment for storytelling. I loved to learn how people express their stories or opinions on the way we look at life.

From this book I try to get a new book every so months, as I try to incorporate reading books for 15 minutes before my job. The aspect of learning something new excites me. Through giving a little time to help learn something new each morning. It opens up the possibility to start your morning off on the right foot.

The reason why I only do 15 minutes, is that if I start reading then I fall into a habit of wanting to read more. Sometimes I believe I get into a slump and the thought of reading is too hard. But committing too a little time limit and building on that helps me want to continue even more.

I’m starting a new book called ‘Dune‘, that was recommended from a local book clerk. I would highly recommend that also. I believe that through reading it helps me start my morning off in the right way, and is the reason I have it in my morning routine


I believe a great way to start any day is to find your own personal morning routine. Everyone is different and everyone has their own hobbies, passions, and ways of making their best own efficient morning.

Hopefully after reading this blog, you have gained some insights. Possibly you find value in this blog and can utilise aspects from it to customise it in your own way.

There are so many morning routines out there, and it can be overwhelming at times. My advice is to listen to your body and customise the best you can. It may take some time to find whats right. But in the long run, its going to help maximise your morning and get a great start to the day.

You can find more information about our saunas via the link here. If you want to follow more of our journeys, you can visit this link also to keep up to date on our socials.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this blog, and have an awesome week.

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