A Green Tour on the Fjord

At GreenBoats anyone can rent one of our electric boats and get out on the Oslo Fjord. Bring friends, family or colleagues for a bloody beauty of a day out on the water.

Giving Old Boats a New Life

We find old boats and replace the old petroleum engines with new electric motors, bringing them back to life. Now you can finally enjoy the sea, in a quiet and sustainable manner.

How does it work?

License Free

With a top speed of 5 knots and being under 25 feet long, our boats are very easy to handle for everyone. There are also no requirements for a boat license.

Battery Life

Our boats can run up to 7 hours on a single charge, allowing you to explore large areas without having to worry about running out of battery.


On-call rescue assistance at all times. First aid and safety equipment is provided in all boats and full instructions given before you depart.


Our boats can fit up to 8 people; making it possible for friends or families to experience boat life on Oslo Fjord.

Experience boat life in a safe, quiet and sustainable way!


Prices are per boat. Up to 8 people. No licence required but renter must be over 18.

1 hour

800 kr

2 hours

1 500 kr

3 hours

2 100 kr

4 hours

2 600 kr

5 hours

3 000 kr

6 hours

3 300 kr

7 hours

3 500 kr