Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a sauna time?

Drop in anytime between 0700 and 2100, Tuesday to Sunday. No need to book. Or if you would like to have a sauna all to yourself or for a private party you can book online.

steaming the sauna

Do I need swimwear and a towel?

As we are in a busy public area nudity is not allowed! So please bring your swimming gear, water bottle and a towel. Some people like an extra towel to sit on inside the sauna but this is not essential.

How do I take a sauna?

A trip to the sauna is usually a rotation of heating up in the sauna combined with cool-down breaks. A cool-down break can be as simple as sitting outside the sauna, getting some fresh air or taking a swim in the ocean. Everyone is different but we recommend only staying as long as is comfortable before taking a break. Read our blog post 9 Tips for an Epic Sauna Experience.

Got another question?

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