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How do I book a sauna time?

Easy. Just visit our booking here on the website, select Private Session or Private Experience, select one of our saunas and choose from our many availible times, pay directly and wait for approval. You can also join any of our drop in times which don´t require a booking.

How do you take a sauna?

A trip to the sauna is usually a rotation of heating up in the sauna combined with cool-down breaks. A cool-down break can be as simple as sitting outside the sauna, getting some fresh air or taking a swim in the ocean. Everyone is different when it comes to how long to spend in the sauna however it is always reccomended to only stay as long as is comfortable before taking a break.

What do I need to bring?

Bring swimming gear, water and a towel. Some people like an extra towel to sit on while in the sauna.

What is the difference between an electric sauna and a wood burning sauna?

Apart from the ocvious difference in fuel there is no change in the experience or heat.

Is it ok to bring my phone into the sauna?

No! The heat will warp your phone and the steam will very quickly cause water damage.

Is it ok to bring children to the sauna?

Yes. sauna is great for people of all ages. Just make sure they are always accompanied by an adult and drink plenty of water.

How many times a week should I sauna?

Visiting the sauna at least once a week is hugely benifitial. The immune system gets stronger the metabolisim is activated and the cardiovascular system is trained. If you are new to sauna try once or twice a week first. If you are healthy and react well then go as often as feels good for you. If you have any serious health issues you should always consult a professional first.

Do I need swimwear?

Yes. this is not a nude sauna so swimwear is required. As we are in a busy, public area please respect this rule.

Do I need to bring a towel?

Bring a towel from home or you may rent one from us for 25kr.

Can I charge my phone?

Yes, we have charging stations for phones and other electronics.


Can i cancel a booking?

Yes. You can cancel a booking two days before the booked time for a 100% refund and 24 hours before the booked time for a 50% refund. Anything later than that cannot be refunded.