So your wondering how many calories can someone burn in a sauna ? While a sauna is not a substitute for a workout, you will certainly lose some calories. At the same time, it’s very important to keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water.

We did a small experiment of how many calories you could burn while using our saunas.

This week, we were visited by the Estonian sauna boat builders at Emperor Rafts and Leho, one of the founders. He had just the perfect tool to find out what’s the real deal with burning calories in our sauna.


Leho wanted to measure how many calories he could lose using his monitoring device called ‘The Oura ring‘. “I have been wearing my Oura Ring for almost two years, to monitor my sleep patterns and track my activities. I was intrigued to give it a go at Greenboat’s Sauna to see how many calories I could lose during one sauna session combined with some swimming.”, said Leho.

To begin the experiment, Leho took a screenshot of the Oura app on his phone, before the sauna session. His kilocalories were 415 (Cal). Let’s call this the baseline.

Before sauna

Leho and Emperor Rafts crew liked it very hot and wanted to sweat it out as much as possible. On Average, they had the sauna at a temperature of 100 – 120 degrees celsius. Yes, you read correctly, ‘Celsius’.

They then did a 12-minute sauna session, then went for a swim, took a sip of water and went back in the sauna for another 12-minute session. Altogether, 24 minutes in the sauna and 56 minutes total, per session. The final result was this: 

After sauna


By the end of the session, he had managed to burn 475 kCal, which makes 61 kCal burnt in one sauna session. Leho was very surprised and said, “he expected a bit more and thought they still must have held back with the bucket”. So perhaps next time the guys come back, they would increase the heat and length for a little longer.

But Leho also mentioned that “It is important we don’t also take it too extreme and push the degrees and length for too long”. It is very important that everyone who does use the sauna, use it accordingly, and to make sure you don’t harm your body. So we respect Leho and the boys holding back a little on the experiment.

Leho capped it all off with some final words, “I absolutely loved it here. You cannot miss Greenboats’s saunas at Aker Brygge Marina. It is a majestic site; full of boats, awesome architecture and the coolest people. All in all, we were very happy about the trip and extremely pleased with the whole sauna experience”.

There you go, a one-hour sauna session would burn circa 1 kCal per minute. We were super excited that they guys came along and tried out the sauna. It was also an interesting experience to see how much calories someone could burn in just under an hour.

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Be sure to check out more of Leho and his crew at Emperor Rafts. If your interested in trying out our saunas be sure to book now via this link. Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years and tried out our saunas. It really does mean a lot to us.

Ansell from Oslo movement flying high off the Greenies sauna boat.

Combined article by Bryce and Leho

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