We wanted to showcase a morning a Greenies, and why it can be so epic. This blog is worth a read, and you have to check out the video at the end to experience the whole spectacle. So, how does a morning start at Greenboats? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because we are going to talk in detail about our experience opening Greenboats (Greenies).

The two people featured in this blog are myself (Bryce) and Simon, we have been working at Greenies now for 2 months. We focus on marketing Greenies by regular storytelling and helping people understand the beautiful place Greenies can offer. Hopefully after reading this blog you feel a little closer and more apart of our culture.

A beautiful little view at Greenies.

The wake up

Well the wake up was brutal, thats for sure. The alarm is ringing at 4:30am in the morning and you’re thinking what have I signed up for. So I took in a few deep big breathes, sucked it up and walked my zombie ass into the shower. Full steam and heat, was the one thing I needed before I headed off.

After a nice warm shower, I was awake and ready for brekky (Breakfast). Smacked on the pan a few eggs, with some cherry tomatoes. Whilst my eggs were sizzling, I had a nice espresso coffee been pressed. Now the 4:30am wake up was starting to feel a little better. So I whacked down my brekky and got my gear ready.

Got some nice cologne on, my go too is some CK, brushed the white pearls and I was off. A great way for me to get to work is via the city bikes. I like to smell the fresh air in the morning on my way to work, don’t you?

The arrival

It was now 5:50am and I was greeted by my colleague Simon. Who was also joining me for the opening shift. It was our first time opening and by ourselves, which would be a fun and interesting event. Simon hadn’t had any coffee yet, so I guess I was one step up on him. We unlocked the doors and opened up the sauna.

Our first task was to make sure the saunas were all ok. Then after that we turned them on, to get them nice and crispy for the day ahead. We also unloaded all the sup boards to clear the path inside the sauna.

Next was setting up the inside of the sauna. Since at night we have to air out the furniture and clean the saunas. We then had to readjust the interior to make it all set and ready for customers. The picture below is when all the interior is set up properly.

How it should look

We want to make every experience a sensual one, and our job was firstly before anything to get the sauna to look picture perfect for the day ahead. It was also a big step to help someone have their very own magical morning.


Well isn’t cleaning something thats super fun … ?

It’s important that the inside and outside windows are cleaned first thing in the morning. We use a sponge and window cleaner both inside and out, to make the glass super shiny and see through.

It was great that we were two also, which made time go like a breeze whilst cleaning.

The windows after their clean.

After doing the windows we then made sure that both saunas were very clean on the inside. What we mean by this is that we have to ensure that the insides of the sauna are looking fresher than a daisy. Sweeping the floor, to clean out any dust. Re stacking the shelves in a neat manner. And making sure all compartments of both the saunas are ready for the day.

The next part of the cleaning is with the hose. Since we get a lot of birds floating and hanging around the marina. They tend to leave lots of poop on the dock and sauna roofs. So we had to hose the whole place down to make it squeaky clean. We don’t want our guests walking in poo all day long. That sure wouldn’t make their morning more magical …

Morning coffee

Well, well, well, Simon was busting for his morning coffee. However we had to wait until 8am, as no one was open yet. After doing all the morning cleaning, time flew by and it was now ready to bust into another coffee.

It was now 8am and time to get coffee, which was at Joe and the Juice, Aker Brygge. Simon went to get our coffee and then it was time to have our coffee sesh. This was a super fresh sesh, as we had some morning coffee playlist going, as we sat on the deck watching the sunrise pop up whilst we drank our lattes.

It’s moments like these that make your morning more special. So now Simon was satisfied, we could continue on with our morning opening shift. We normally like to go to Neongrut, at Aker Brygge also. He offers some great coffee with some awesome locations to drink it, you should check him out. Link above.

A coffee from Neongrut

Our first customers

It was time …

A nice young lady approached us and was wanting a sauna drop in. This was what was going to seperate the boys from men. It was our time to shine and get the sale that was needed to set us up for the day.

We told her the price and showed her the card terminal to pay, it was nearly complete. Our time to shine was coming to spotlight. And…

Boom, the card terminal read ‘Godkjent’, it was a success. We had successfully made our first sale of the day. We had high fives going all round and even with the customer. She was super stocked and now it was time to lead her in the right direction.

We had prepared the sauna very nicely, as mentioned above. She came in with a nice and clean sauna. Totally disinfected and wiped down to sauna perfection. Our job now was to give her a run down on all the features of Greenboats. Guiding her to luggage storage, the sauna rooms, scented oils, rooftop diving and outdoor showering. We also recommended her trying out our sup boards.

You can she their reactions via the video below.

Sightseeing at Greenies.


Since we are apart of the Greenboats team, it is very important to learn how to do the aufguss.

From experience, it is much harder then it looks. You really have to get the towel flick right. So you get a whip effect but also you don’t hit someone in the face.

Both Simon and I took turns at doing the Aufguss ritual, while we were instructed by one of our fellow team members, who joined us for a bit at Greenies.

So after a bit of practice it was time to try it on some customers…

Well I f***ed it up for sure. The first 2 rounds went very well. However, I didn’t know it would get super hot on the last round. I could barely breathe in there from too much heat and couldn’t even touch the towel. I basically ended it short and told them, well its a wrap. Also I think they needed to get out, they were heavy breathing and it was quite messy 😅.

But hey, at the end of the day we have to learn from our mistakes.

Aufguss time


So we turned up and got our first opening shift down. At first it was a little annoying to get up at 4:30am to begin the day. But once we got into the groove of things, our day started to open up and a we witnessed a lot of cool things.

Firstly we got to experience a beautiful sunrise, and then we also noticed how quick our shift at Greenies went. We had a lot of fun together opening up Greenies and setting the tone for the day.

Below is a nice picture of the sunrise and also our video from the day.

If you’re interested in joining us down at Greenies, then you can click the link here for more info. If you want to book a drop in or private sauna now click the link here.

Video of our morning shift at Greenies above. Enjoy 😊

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