Our Oslo sauna is a must visit

Our Oslo sauna experience is one to remember.

Enjoy a private sauna session whilst floating on a boat with your friends, family or colleagues. Or join our public drop in, and get to know new and interesting people.

Fun on the water and having a place to let your shoulders down is what GreenBoats is all about - so come down and say g'day!

Drop in at our Oslo sauna. Now open all day, 6 days a week!

Our Oslo sauna Drop in is only 190 NOK per person! We now have one sauna dedicated for drop in all day from 0700 to 2100, Tuesday to Sunday.  Just turn up and pay with card or Vipps. No booking required. Better still get one of our memberships and come as often as you like!

We guarantee a sauna and a cold dip is one of the best ways to kickstart your day, or to unwind and relax after a long day at work.  Please bring swimwear, towel and water bottle. Both of our saunas have changing rooms with storage space, lockers, and an outside shower. If you want to book a sauna for a private party, visit our booking calendar.

Private Sauna Rental

Enjoy an urban swim along with an Oslo sauna experience in the beautifully clear waters at Aker Brygge Marina. So book a sauna privately to enjoy with friends, family or colleagues. Only kr 2,700 for 2 hours or kr 3,900 for 3 hours. Free BBQ and SUP use included! 

If you want to learn more about our SUP board hire and rentals click here.

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steaming the sauna

Our Oslo sauna experience offers a 'Aufguss' worth remembering

Throughout the day our sauna master will perform an Aufguss ritual at no extra charge. We use this ritual as part of your sauna experience, because it generates deep relaxation of muscles and brings a more spiritual feel to your sauna experience.

An “Aufguss” is a German inspired sauna ritual which includes essential oil infused water, music and towel whipping whilst you sit back and relax. By towel whipping we mean we use a towel instead of a fan to create hot gusts of air! We do not whip guests either if thats what you’re thinking.

Sauna Memberships

Our top tips to get the most out of your sauna experience.

Check it Out!

The views and location

Green Boats saunas are located in the most amazing part of Oslo fjord. We are located at Aker Brygge marina, across the road from Starbucks coffee, or next to Lektern.

Our saunas in Oslo fjord look out over towards Akershus fortress. It also looks out onto some of Oslo’s most beautiful islands, such as Hovedøya. You can’t ask for a nicer location in Oslo to experience a cool and exciting sauna experience.

Most of our waters are much cleaner than a lot of sauna experiences. Our location is very open to the fjord and doesn’t get much trash in the water or any yucky surprises.